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Climate change


A guide for the perplexed

There's a lot at stake with global warming

There's a lot at stake with global warming, so for those not sure what to believe, we've debunked the most common climate myths
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China leads in climate change's 'critical decade'

12:52 30 April 2013  | 11 comments

China has taken bold strides to tackle climate change, showing carbon reduction is possible alongside economic growth

Supervolcano eruptions may not be so deadly after all

20:00 29 April 2013  | 3 comments

A massive volcanic eruption 75,000 years ago seems to have had little effect on the climate, suggesting that such huge blasts could be survivable

Humans' indelible stamp on Earth clear 5000 years ago

20:00 29 April 2013  | 8 comments

A new study of ancient land use yields more evidence that the Anthropocene, the proposed new geological epoch, began well before the industrial revolution

Plants help slow warming – but there's a trade-off

18:00 28 April 2013

Chemicals pumped out by plants promote cloud formation, increasing Earth's ability to reflect sunlight, though the effect is reduced if the world cools

Oases of cool: Taking the heat out of urban living

FEATURE:  16:00 25 April 2013  | 3 comments

Can new technology and astute planning keep our cities cool in the face of global warming? Kat Austen investigates the best ideas

'Carbon bubble' threatens climate negotiations

20:21 23 April 2013  | 3 comments

If a binding global agreement were made to stop dangerous climate change, the value of major oil and gas companies could be slashed by up to 60 per cent

Climate's role in US droughts is under scrutiny

THIS WEEK:  15:00 19 April 2013  | 3 comments

Controversy over whether climate change was to blame for the Midwest drought highlights the need for better ways to assess the causes of extreme weather



What is your dinner doing to the climate?

Your shopping basket is spewing greenhouse gases. But don't worry, you can easily cut out the culprits, says Bijal Trivedi


Historic human remains yield epigenetic tags

THIS WEEK:  13:00 18 April 2013

Changes to DNA in 6000-year-old remains may reveal how environmental changes drove human evolution

Antarctic ice melting faster than in past 1000 years

Getting to the core of the matter <i>(Image: Jack Triest)</i>

UPFRONT:  17:31 16 April 2013  | 2 comments

An ice core taken from the west Antarctic Peninsula shows ice is melting 10 times faster each summer than it did 600 years ago

Republican voters want action on climate change

15:04 10 April 2013

Just 35 per cent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents support the party's stance on climate change, according to a new poll

Sea urchins evolving to cope with ocean acidification

20:00 08 April 2013  | 3 comments

Marine animals are expected to suffer as atmospheric carbon dioxide makes the oceans more acidic – but some species are proving surprisingly adaptable

Nervy flyers be warned: warming will boost turbulence

15:03 08 April 2013  | 3 comments

Rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide could more than double the amount of turbulence affecting transatlantic flights by 2050

Corals can survive warmer seas if humans don't meddle

14:45 05 April 2013

Global warming bleaches and kills coral, but reefs can recover if their environment is pristine and free of human impacts such as pollution

It's time we sorted out climate 'blips'

EDITORIAL:  09:00 04 April 2013  | 8 comments

The promise to fill the gap between short-term weather forecasts and long-term climate predictions is still unfulfilled. Let's change that

Climate modellers vindicated as forecast comes true

THIS WEEK:  18:00 03 April 2013  | 4 comments

For the first time, a forecast predicted by a climate model has been put to the test, and found to be accurate to within a few hundredths of a degree


Climate change: The next ten years

What's going to happen over the next decade? New Scientist looks at the latest forecasts - and how reliable they are


Your warming world: Explore our interactive map

Find out how temperatures are changing in your backyard with our interactive map of NASA's historical temperature record for the whole planet
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The coming flood: Explore the future's rising seas

As the world warms, sea level will rise – but faster in some places than others. These simulations provide the best view yet of probable regional variation over the coming decades
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Don't forget your woolly mittens (Image: Astromujoff / Getty)

The history of ice on Earth

Our planet's history is marked by wild swings in temperature. Follow the advance and retreat of the ice sheets in our timeline


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